Sea Life NoW

New Nets of Wonder collection featuring select Marbles that represent some of our beloved sea creatures.
Your purchase from this collection support and promote sea life conservation efforts around the world.
Show your love for our little blue planet and those that honor it with the perfect gift of gratitude.
Who in your life deserves a special thank you?
Accessorize your beach bag, reusable shopping bags, backpack, man bag, fanny pack (do people still use those??) purse, wallet or keys with these durable Nets of Wonder made from
100% natural and sustainable Bamboo, Cotton, or Hemp.
 Proceeds support Blue Mind Works and the Blue Marbles Project.
Find more information on them here.
Please keep in mind that each Net will not be 100% identical. Each one is handmade individually by me so one may look slightly different than another. 


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